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Payal Kela, Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Hello! My name is Payal and I am currently a senior at UCSD and am pursuing a Bachelors in Economics and two minors: Entrepreneurship and Cognitive Science. After I graduate I will be working in San Francisco with Accenture as a Technology Analyst. Starting ReLyfe is something that has brought so much joy into my life. Getting to meet phenomenal students, and learning so much in the process has been so valuable to me. I cannot wait to keep meeting inspiring students and spreading their stories to help others. 

Namrata Doshi, Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Hi! My name is Namrata Doshi. I’m a fourth year at UCSD majoring in physiology and neuroscience and minoring in psychology. I’ve always been passionate about people and their stories and ReLyfe gives me an opportunity to meet the most incredible people ever. I truly believe that compassion and empathy are a cure for the world and that’s what I hope to spread through a platform like ReLyfe. 

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Ankur Kela, Co-COO

Hi, there! My name is Ankur. I'm a senior at UCSD majoring in Economics and minoring in Human-Centered Design. I joined ReLyfe because I'm passionate about learning and growing from people's stories. In ReLyfe, I see an opportunity to destigmatize legitimate challenges that each of us face, and to inspire us to become more compassionate and thoughtful humans. I'm thrilled to be a part of this team and wish to expand the ReLyfe community to those who it could help. In my downtime, you can catch me surfing at the beach or dominating my fantasy football league. 

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Kelly Gonzalez, Analyst Lead

Hello! My name is Kelly and I'm a third year majoring in International Business with a Real Estate and Development minor. Being able to join ReLyfe has given me the inspiration to connect with others, help create stronger communities and help build a happier environment for students. I believe that with one sharing their life experiences, it can create an impact on another's life. With a platform like ReLyfe, I prosper to be a part of helping others smile.

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Katya Skurikhin, Co-COO

Hi! My name is Katya Skurikhin and I'm a third year Economics major, Business minor. I joined ReLyfe because I loved the idea of  having a mental health platform that allows us to hear stories of people we can relate to easily, and to give us comfort in knowing that we are not alone in our struggles. I am so excited to keep growing this platform and hear all your stories! In my free time, you can find me outside hiking or inside sippin' tea and watching movies.

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Hannah Rosenberg, Videographer Lead

Hello! My name is Hannah and I am a junior at UCSD majoring in Media. I would love to work in the media/music industry bringing visions to life as that is what makes me jump out of bed in the morning. I'm passionate about working for ReLyfe because of the platform it has created for students to learn and grow from each other's stories. In my free time I can be found chasing waterfalls, cooking and baking, enjoying documentaries, exploring the world of 3D printing, and snuggling with my rescue dog, Lois.

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Bea Katrina Florentino, Marketing Lead

Hello! My name is Bea Florentino and I'm a third year Business Psychology major. I dream of integrating marketing, art, and psychology into one field and going from there. I have always believed that empathy is a language that everyone should learn. ReLyfe gives me the opportunity to encourage the use of empathy in daily life, as I truly believe that understanding others is the key to a happy life. Some of my favorite pastime activities include yelling, making playlists, and playing my electric guitar named Megatron. 

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