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Founders: Payal Kela and Namrata Doshi

Meet ReLyfe

an organization for students by students

Our idea started over a cup of coffee, where we realized that every person you pass by on a daily basis could have valuable advice to offer from their many life experiences. We believe that most people do not realize that their experiences, if shared, can be life-changing for someone else. 

This is why we decided to create a website with video interviews of people of who have overcome ANY 

small or big struggle and have advice to give. The intention is to provide hope to college students in similar situations and to reiterate to them that they are not alone.


Rehumanize through real lives

Our mission statement is to expand the narrative of what it means to be human. By empowering real stories of our vulnerabilities and struggles, we hope to overcome the mental health stigma and remind each other that we’re not alone in our challenges. Those who share their challenges, experience and advice on our platform are who we call Rehumanizers.


"Success shouldn't have to depend on privilege or ability, or on anything we can't control. To me, success is to live meaningfully and to pursue joy, even in the midst of suffering."


"Progress, not perfection."


"Some things happen for a reason, but most things just happen for a season. At the end of the day everything is going to be okay."



I want to Rehumanize

If you are inspired by our mission and have a story to share, reach out to us! We’re excited to hear from anyone who wants to be empowered for opening up about their vulnerabilities. Let’s rehumanize!


Let's Connect

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